Conor Harrington - Miami - Book

Conor Harrington - Miami - Book


A new publication from Hungry Boy Books

All 750 copies are signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 200 × 260 mm
Pages: 120 pp
Colour: CMYK
Stock: 170 gsm Lumi Silk / Hardback cover

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Our latest publication Miami 2017 is a 120 page book which focuses on Conor Harrington’s 100ft mural The Blind Patriot which was painted in downtown Miami in December 2017. 

The mural was inspired by NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s protest as he chose to kneel during his country’s national anthem in reaction to the growing rate of police brutality against the African American community. On an architectural scale the mural both displays and questions patriotism and America’s relationship to it’s flag. 

As part of this exploration Harrington has reached out to American followers on Instagram and asked them to contribute their thoughts on their flag. The book features 50 statements from Americans from various States, with opinions differing widely from respect to criticism. Intermixed with the statements are the artist’s own travel photographs of Miami, his painting diaries and 9 street-side interviews with random members of the public who live or work in the vicinity of the mural, as well as a short Q+A between Harrington and journalist JJ O Donoghue. This book bridges the personal and political, mixing Harrington’s practice with the politics of the place in which he has left his artwork, opening the dialogue between artistic intent, process and public reaction.