Conor Harrington — Head of State / State of Head - Book

Conor Harrington — Head of State / State of Head - Book


A new publication from Hungry Boy Books on the occasion of the State of Head / Head of State series release in September of 2017. Small in scale and intimate in subject matter this new series of paintings and prints by Conor Harrington stand in direct contrast to the large scale oil paintings and outdoor murals that he is known for.  As such we are offered a glimpse into the daily practices and experiments of Harrington's continuing painting output, with each painting bearing the date it has been made as part of the title. 

The series is divided in half, with five blue paintings and five red, the traditional colours of opposing political parties, gang culture, and the corners of boxing rings. Using colour to symbolise tribalism and allegiances, and through a variety of processes including wiping, blurring and over painting, Harrington employs the traditional head format as a motif to subvert ideas of power and status.

All 500 copies will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 198 × 264 mm
Pages: 48 pp
Colour: CMYK
Stock: 170 gsm Lumi Silk

Cover: hardback, printed in two spot colours on 170 gsm Pop'Set Grey

Endpapers: 170 gsm Pop'Set Poppy and 170 gsm Pop'Set Infra Violet

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